Thursday, 10 November 2011


My BBQ Droogies… I will write something about my Garden, a bit on my life and a little on BBQ.

This is a photo I took today of my olive tree, in my garden in Gifu Japan. I planted it 4 years ago. This year is the first year that I got olives. I only got about 10 little gems! They were perfectly shaped shiny charcoal black in color and Bitter (In their raw form), with a wrath from hell! I’m presently experimenting with how to pickle them, however I don’t have much stock to work with. I’ve been an olive lover for many years and have tried many types along the way, but this is my first attempt at turning a raw disgusting little pellet into something edible. I may need some practice to perfect this art.

I love my family, my house and my garden…..of course I love my BBQ too! But that is a different kind of love. Unfortunately though, my work is far from home & family. I work in the cold northern part of Japan. I spend such little time at home….

In fact, I’ll tell you a little story. I came home last springtime. My wife was busy and asked me to pick up my son from school. I jumped into the car and drove down to his junior high school. I parked outside and waited for about five minutes. There was no sight of him. Then I noticed to myself ….Hey these kids look kinda younger than my son. Then it dawned on me…. Hey!!! My boy left junior high a year ago! He’s in high school now. So fired up the car up and ripped down the road to his high school where I found him waiting. I couldn't believe that I did that. I was pretty tired too at the time I must admit, but all the same I couldn’t believe that I actually did that….

But its true, I’m sure that I’m not going senile yet….I hope not nevertheless.

BBQ Talk

I just made SPICY GRAPE MISO recently….I haven’t made it for ages. It’s my own original recipe. I just realized the other day that I never got round to putting that sauce on the BBQWizard website. I’ll try to load it up as soon as poss.

Anyway that's all for today…talk soon,


Friday, 24 July 2009

BBQ Jokes and stuff

fellow BBQ gurus!!!

check it out...just added a new page to my website

Welcome to BBQ wizard at Blog spot

Hello Bloggers!!!
This is a Brand new Blog.
First off let me point out... This is a place for nutters who love to BBQ.

For those BBQ Gurus who know me already. I started the BBQWizard homepage on Google pages about a year below

and a few months back my BBQWizard group on face book below

so as the wizard is as yet a Blog spot virgin...please fellow gurus feel free to add any imbelishments you wish.


"I sold my soul for charcoal"
over and out the WIZARD